Middle aged women adjusting her smart thermostat as her husband cooks breakfast in the background

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Keeping your home cool in the summer is essential for indoor comfort. However, the more you run your air conditioner, the more money you inevitably have to spend. With every family member having a different opinion on how cool the house should be, it can be tough to find a middle ground. Fortunately, there are steps you can take as a household to stay cool and save money this summer.

1. Switch to a Smart Thermostat 

Smart thermostats are a great way to save energy and money. When your family is out of the house for hours on end or on vacation, you don’t need the AC running. With a smart thermostat you can increase the temperature when you leave and program it to cool down about an hour before your family members are scheduled to get home. This allows you to keep your home comfortable when you’re there and save money when you’re not.

2. Avoid Using Appliances as Much as Possible

When the temperature heats up outside, the last thing you want is to increase the heat inside your home. Appliances like the oven and stove emit heat that can increase the temperature in your home. If you need to use appliances, try to use them at cooler times of the day, such as early morning or once the sun goes down, and make sure to turn on your exhaust fan. 

3. Close the Blinds When You Leave

Enjoying natural light is always a treat, but when you leave for work for the day, make sure to close your blinds. Sun coming through your windows adds lots of natural heat to your home, meaning it takes more energy to cool it down. Invest in quality blinds that cover your sun-facing windows and use them during the hottest parts of the day.

4. Sleep Smart

Another time to save on energy is when you’re sleeping at night. While a cool bedroom can be key to a good sleep, there are other things you can try to make your sleep routine more comfortable. Program a slightly higher temperature at night and make sure to wear pyjamas in a light, breathable fabric and opt for short sleepwear rather than long. It’s also important that your bedding is lightweight. If you sleep with thicker sheets in the winter, be sure to switch to more breathable fabrics in the summer. You can also try forgoing sheets altogether, which will help you stay comfortable at a higher temperature. 

5. Take Cooler Showers and Hang Dry Your Laundry

Hot showers add moisture to the air, making your home feel hotter. Take shorter showers or switch to cooler showers during summertime to restrict the amount of moisture in the air. You can also save a ton of energy by hanging your clothes to dry instead of using your clothes dryer. Hanging your clothes outside to dry is a great way to keep as much moisture out of your house as possible and therefore save you money this summer.